Being Welcomed in Ireland

DublinI’ve arrived in Ireland and yesterday was a whirlwind day of beautiful experiences and sleep deprivation. I slept a little bit on the plane and on the bus from Dublin to Cork, but not very much. I kept my eyes open long enough to see a tiny bit of Dublin before the bus headed south into the countryside.

When my friend Victor picked me up on Friday morning, I was already exhausted. However, we set out for a full day for two reasons: 1) I knew I needed to get on the Ireland time zone and the best way to do that would be not to nap, and 2) Victor had a very nice family also staying with him from France, through a website called BeWelcome, and he wanted to show them around too. The site is sort of like AirBnB or Couchsurfing, except you agree to host visitors out of good will, and not for any exchange of money. I have to say that having these new friends join us for the day added a great deal to the experience, and I am very glad to have met them.

We toured around Youghal, Victor’s small town, and also checked out Lismore, Ardmore, and a few other spots. Ireland as a country is only about 100 years old, but this area was inhabited by the British long before the United States was colonized. So, I saw a good deal of natural beauty and history on this first day in Ireland.

Way back, they built a wall around Youghal to protect the Anglicans from the Catholics.Model of Youghal

Unfortunately, fighting within different branches of Christianity goes way back. Now a days, people get a long much better, and we got to tour one of the oldest continually functioning Anglican churches in the country. Church

As you can see, my little birdie, Loki, and my plush friend, Tofu San, got to join me for the trip.

Check back soon to see more of their adventures (and mine, of course)! Right now, Tofu San is stuffed, because he got to eat some of this giant meringue — I don’t think you can tell how big it is! Don’t worry — the kids helped too.Yum

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  1. Hmmm… I think the Irish would say they were occupied or invaded by the English rather than colonized? Or does that depend on which part of Ireland you are in? I intend to learn more about Irish history now that I have started tracing my roots, though I am only 25% Irish and the rest is French 🙂
    I hope you have an awesome visit to my ancestral homeland!

  2. The scenery is beautiful! The 3D map is really cool too.
    It’s so nice that Victor’s family joined in on the fun!
    What is the building in the first picture, with the colorful stripes? And what is the building next to the cemetery? Is it like a watchtower? Also what is the structure in the church with green top?

    Glad to hear that everyone (including Tofu San and Loki) are happy,

  3. It is cool how you got to tour Ireland with Victor and a family from France. Also, what religion is Victor? If he is Christian, what branch of Christianity is he from? Did you talk to the French family? Finally, what was the 3d model Tofu San was sitting on? It had houses and what looked like roads. Was it the map of the town?

    • Hi Manu. I’m a Catholic, like most of the Christian population in Ireland. There used to be many Protestants before, but now there are a minority. The 3d model was the town of Youghal as it looked about 400-450 years ago.

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