Student Guest Post: Family Adventures in Bermuda

It’s so great to see Innovation Academy students were having many international adventures this summer. Kyle reports back from Bermuda, where Hope went last year. Don’t you wish you were there now?

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This way to Bermuda My family went on a cruise to Bermuda.  While we were there we got to see some really cool things.

One excursion we went on was to the caves.  As the story goes, two boys were playing cricket and lost their ball in one of the caves.  I learned that cricket is more complicated than baseball and sort of like golf.  CaveIt’s a popular game there.  So anyway, the boys went looking for their ball and discovered the caves.  The caves were very dark and at one point, our tour guide shut off all the lights and I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.  Stagmalites grow very slowly.  Here is a picture of me in the cave with the stagmalites.Inside the CaveWe also visited the National Museum.  Here I learned that many different people helped to make Bermuda successful when it was first discovered.  Different groups of people such as Native Americans, Blacks, English, and Portuguese, came and settled there. They used their own knowledge and strengths to make it great. For example, the Native Americans used their knowledge of planting and harvesting food to develop farms.  I liked that everyone worked together to make this island successful.

~Kyle E.

Bermuda boat

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  1. The cave looks amazing (especially the stalagmites)! The story is interesting too, do you think it’s true?
    Also, I agree, it is nice that everyone worked together. How did the Africans, English, and Portuguese contribute to the island’s success?


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