Pink Sands of Bermuda

6th grader Hope was lucky to get some exciting travel in this summer! It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

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Hi IACS! For my global experience I went on a cruise to Bermuda. I was not able to post while I was on the cruise and in Bermuda because there was no internet access so I am doing it now. In this post I will be talking about the beaches and weather in Bermuda.

First of all the beaches and water in Bermuda are beautiful! The sand is pink and the water is so crystal clear. It looks very blue and you can see the sand underneath it! When we were at one of the main beaches in Bermuda called Horseshoe Bay the sand was so warm and pink we couldn’t think how it had gotten so pink. When we got home I looked it up and it said the sand was pink because after millions of years of red sea creatures such as clams and mollusks that have died and then the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean have crushed the sea creatures and then their remains have been washed to shore. The water is light blue because of the sun reflecting off of the sand and the water.Bermuda

The year round weather in Bermuda is very similar to the weather in the summer here. Today it is 73 degrees F and in Bermuda it is 78 degrees F. In the winter Bermuda’s temperatures range from 61 degrees F to 80 degrees F from October to February. One day when we were at the beach it rained so hard we could not see anything. It was warmer in the water than out! Our clothes, towels, and bags were drenched. But it was very fun! Bermuda is a great place to visit!

This picture above is of my siblings and friends at Snorkel Park Beach. At this beach we swam and went snorkeling. The sand here was not as pink as the other beach and we did not get to take any pictures because it was pouring out! Unfortunately we don’t have any more photos because of the circumstances!


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  1. Nice post Hope! I’ve always wondered why the sands in Bermuda were pink. Did you see any cool little critters when you went snorkeling?

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