Mysteries of Spain

Have you been following Señora Schmalz and her family’s adventures in Spain? Her blog is awesome: http://srainspain.wordpress.comSee if you can find the answers to these mystery questions:

1) Why are these trees “naked” at the bottom?

2) What was being sold out of the back of this vehicle?

3) Why is there a whole village called “Smurf Town?”

4) How do most Spanish speaking people say “bathroom?” What does Sra. Schmalz keep seeing bathrooms called in Spain?

5) Why are so many people gathered in this one city?

I wonder if any of you will be able to answer all five of these trivia questions. As a bonus, see if you can write your own trivia question based on her blog, and put it in the comments below.

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  1. 1) The bark on the trees are used to make corks, shoes, and cork boards.
    2) Bread! (¡Pan!)
    3) The town supported the progress of the movie, “The Smurfs,” when it came out.
    4) Spanish speaking people call the bathroom, “el baño.” However, the people in España (Spain) call them, “el aseo.”
    5) In Pamplona, people are getting ready for a great festival. The introduction (on the evening of July 6th) to this festival, San Fermin (a.k.a. “the running of the bulls”), has people holding their scarves above their heads in the town’s center. Everyone is singing and chanting.

    Bonus (it’s in Spanish):

    1) ¿Qué son los canciónes (de ingles y español) muy populares en España?
    2) ¿En cúantos semanas puedes completar (cúando caminas) El Camino?
    3) ¿Porqué hay un sombrero que “flotan” en La catedral de Toledo?
    4) ¿Porqué la cabeza de la reina, Isabel, es más EN la cosa suave (que usas cúando tú duermes) que el rey, Ferdinad? (Lo siento si la pregunta es un poco confuso.)

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