The Safety of Air Travel

Just now, the news is reporting that there’s been another big plane crash this year. As in the previous incidents, they don’t know for sure what happened, but it looks like the plane went down over Mali, in the Sahara Desert of West Africa. For many of you reading this, Mali might sound vaguely familiar as a place on a map. For me, having spent a summer there, I picture this when I think of Mali:

Kids in Mali

My heart goes out to the people of Mali and to the people of many countries who are suffering right now because of this terrible situation. Just last week, another plane crashed in Ukraine, affecting many people from all different nations. When I hear the word Ukraine, I don’t picture a story on the news. I remember this:

IMG_5513That’s the power of travel.

On PlaneAnd it wouldn’t be possible without airplanes. It’s easy to be afraid of flying when you hear stories like these ones. But don’t be fooled!  Some estimates say that the chances of dying in a plane crash are at about 1 in 4.7 million. Others measure it at about 1 in 20,000 throughout your lifetime. Either way, it’s WAY safer than driving, with estimates that your chances of dying in a car accident in your lifetime at closer to 1 in 100.  So, instead of living your life in fear, just be smart, like making sure to wear your seatbelt.

I leave on Saturday evening for Iceland. This trip will be a family vacation, and a much shorter flight than Japan. I’ll be heading up north, and closer to the North Pole, the days will be very long up there!

Boston to Iceland

We’ll be exploring this unique island, taking a bus and even a short plane ride from one part of the island to another. We’ll be seeing lots of hot springs, volcanoes, and interesting landscapes, for sure:


So, please don’t worry about me, but do check back for a few last posts about Japan, and then some first posts from Iceland. I’ll do my absolute best to stay safe, and the odds are certainly in my favor.

Note: The news can be pretty graphic to watch or even read. Before you do any online research, make sure to check with your parents and think about how this information might affect you. Statistics for this post about the safety of air and car travel were found here and here.

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  1. The plane crashes are so tragic. It’s really sad to hear about all those people who died! 😦 At least you’ll be safe when you travel to Iceland.
    You’re so lucky, I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures there!
    Stay safe!
    ~ Anna

    P.S. Here’s an interesting fact about Iceland:

    Because of its hot springs, Iceland is considered to be the ninth happiest country in the world!

  2. I think all these plane crashes are terrible and I think it’s terrible that people die like that! I used to be afraid of going on a plane but not now that I am older I realize it’s very very safe! Have a good time in Iceland !

  3. I know you will be safe on the plane because of this post saying that there is a 1 in 20,000 chance that you will crash. Also the plane crashes are sad I hope I am never in a plane crash.

  4. The plane crashes are very sad. 😦 I hope you have a great time in Iceland! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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