Land of the Cossacks

Here’s a question of the day: Yesterday, Loki learned about the Cossacks.  Who were they?

  • a) People who lived in Southern Ukraine and Russia during the 15th – 18th centuries
  • b) Warriors who fought against the Turkish people and many other groups
  • c) Members of a Democratic society, where knowing how to write and share your voice was valued
  • d) Rough guys who used bad language and stole things when needed
  • e) All of the Above

Your challenge is to find out about who the Cossacks were and why they are important in Zaporizhya. This relates to MY challenge from last night, which was to understand a play which we went to see on Khortytsia Island. It was a beautiful play performed outdoors right by the Dneiper River, at the Sich Fortress (the place that is like Plimoth Plantation). It was a warm, sunny afternoon with a perfect breeze, and the play featured horses, fabulous costumes, and beautiful music. The only problem? It was in Russian. Lydia was sitting next to me translating bits and pieces.  So, I know that the play featured a Cossack guy named Mamai who was separated from his brother when he was small.  His brother converted to Islam and joined the Turkish side, who were the Cossacks’ enemy.  Can you understand anything else about the plot by watching this video?

Mamai is a famous fictional character from Cossack legends. In fact, there’s even a sculpture of him on the island. Carol and I call him the “Cossack Buddha” because of his round shape in this statue. Actually, we went to a museum today and saw real Cossack artifacts.  Check it out!

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  1. um…..hmm…..
    i think it’s E because all of the choices seemed likely, based on the video, but they seemed more…… noble. they didn’t seem like the kind to act like gangsters (D)……..

  2. oh yeah! i forgot to ask:
    at the end where Mamai was fighting with this other person, was he fighting with his brother??? and did they both die in the end??? based on the video, it seemed like it. if that’s true, then that’s really, really, really, really, really, really, sad!

  3. I think they killed each other and died in each others arms. I would have loved to see that play in real life. We watched the video in class.

    • Anna, Cora, and Damilola — you are right. They both died in the end. However, there was a little bit where the spirit of the mother came out and sung that this isn’t the end, because Ukraine had not yet become independent. Another day was on the horizon. Or something like that. It was in Russian, so I didn’t fully get it. Too bad Sophia wasn’t there to translate!

  4. I think the answer is b but i am not positive. Are the cossacks the guys with the red pants? Tell me as soon as you see this. Write some more blogs, and have some more fun~!!!~!!!~!!!~!!!~!!!~

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