Student Video Response #1

Hello IACS students!  Students at Classical Lyceum have been busy answering your questions and I’ve been filming their responses to send to you. Here’s the first video installment.  I’ve been busy trying to get them edited to put up on the blog!  This one focuses on the students talking about how they view their home country: Ukraine.  More student videos will be coming soon. The students in Zaporizhya have been following the blog so they will see your comments if you post them.



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  1. Answering your question, I did not know anything about Ukrain until Ms.K announced that she was going on a trip there. Then I started reading the blog, and I learned more about this country, and became interested.

  2. Thanks for the responses! It’s nice to hear back. Also, my family sometimes makes borsh, but I don’t really like it. I hope you have fun on your trip (even more than you are having now). I hope to see more videos. 😀 🙂

  3. that was a nice video Ms. Krakauer!
    i liked listening to Gerina talk about life in Ukraine, and about the delicious red soup! (i think it was called “Borscht”?) of course, i liked listening to everyone else in the video, too! 🙂

    I was wondering Gerina, how did Borscht become one of the Ukraine’s National Food? What kind of special occasions is it made for? What is it about Borscht that makes it so special?

    by the way, i’m just curious, but were the questions that the students asked at the end of the video for us or for you, Ms. Krakauer? if it’s for us, then i’d be more than willing to answer a question! 😀

    anyways, Добрий день! (good day!)

    • Hi Edith — take out the h at the beginning and you have it correct. When I get it, I can try to put up a link to it on here so the kids can see it. Or I can send it to their teacher.

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