One to One Connections

It’s very clear being here that the direct person-to-person connection is most powerful.

Student to Student: Today, I shared your responses with the students in the video from a few days ago.  They loved seeing your responses and even seeing themselves on the blog.  They watched an Innovation Academy 6th grader, Nate, who shared a video response with me and their smiles were huge.  One thing I’ve learned about the culture here is that people don’t smile unless they mean it.  Americans are taught to smile all the time — at storekeepers, at friends, or even at people we pass on the street. Ukrainians aren’t like that. They only smile when they are really happy. And you should have seen their faces when they saw that the American students are responding to them. They are so excited to talk to real students in other countries.

During my presentation, I showed some examples of student work from IACS.

Teacher to Teacher: In the afternoon, Carol and I presented to a group of English teachers in the region. We spoke about project-based learning and technology use in the classroom. It was clear that the teachers are dedicated and excited to try new methods.

Carol showed some useful websites, many of which I'd like to try out myself!

Afterwards, several teachers approached us and asked to continue being in touch through email so that we can continue the relationship. If there are any teachers out there who want to do a collaborative project with a teacher in Ukraine, I’d be happy to help make introductions.

If you want to send a note to students here, it’s not too late.  We are visiting the Classical Lyceum until Thursday.  You can post in the comments here, or email me at  We’ll also be visiting other schools this week, if all goes well — tomorrow we’re hoping to see an English school and a school for people with disabilities. Then, on Wednesday, 100 principals from the best schools of Ukraine are coming here. It’s an exciting time!

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  1. It looks like you’re having fun Ms. Krakauer! I think it is excited that Nate made some people happy! Do they have dogs and cats and other pets in Ukraine? What about sharks and crocodiles and other sea creatures? I hope you mention them! Thanks! 🙂

    • Thanks for writing, Hernyde. They have all different kinds of dogs and cats. They don’t have any sharks or crocodiles though, as far as I know! I’ll let you know if I see other exciting animals. I did see a wild boar, but I didn’t get to photograph that.

  2. I love this blog..
    I made a video of myself answering the students questions if you are still there and want to show it to them, if so, what is your email so i can send it to you.
    Although i think you already left.
    -edith (7th grade)
    Im just doing this out of interest =)

  3. a few of the kids in HB Edelman were wondering whether if you responded to some kids it counted as one of the questions on our sheet. So i just wanted you to clarify.

  4. wow!!! you’re going to be visiting A LOT of schools!!! i wonder what the school that’s for children with disabilities are like. maybe it’s at least a little bit like the schools we have here!
    i agree with you, Ms. Krakauer. it IS an exciting time!
    have a great time while you’re at it!!!
    p.s. that balloon animal is great! what animal is it?

  5. Andrew from HB: Mandela

    My favriot video game is all of the HALO games I have at home

    p.s what type of animals are out there

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