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Welcome to Classical Lyceum

Lydia, Carol (my fellow TGC teacher from West Virginia), Me, and the School Principal

Today was our first day at Zaporizhia Classical Lyceum! We’ll be here for the next week, hosted by our partner teacher, Lydia, and the rest of the school community.  Today, we observed several classes and met with the administrative team.  This school has been recently ranked in the top 25 schools in all of Ukraine!  It’s a music focused specialized public school, sort of like a charter or magnet school.  All students play a musical instrument!

As excited as I am to learn about their school, Classical Lyceum staff and students are interested to know about us. So, I have a challenge for any IACS students who are reading this. Today, I videotaped Ukrainian students asking questions about you.  They are eagerly awaiting your answers, and there will even be a souvenir prize from Ukraine for my favorite three responses. I’ll be looking for creativity!

Your challenge: Watch this video, and reply in one of the following ways.  You are most likely to get through if you complete this by Tuesday, April 24th.

  1. Answer one of their questions in the comments section of this post.
  2. Get parent help to film and post a video response.
  3. Email Ms. Krakauer with your answers (in writing or pictures)
  4. Ask your own questions of the students here.

The Classical Lyceum

We are looking forward to hearing your replies!

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54 thoughts on “Welcome to Classical Lyceum

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  1. Sarah Y. HB Edelman on said:

    did anyone from Classical Lycem have any more questions? I’d be happy to answer.

  2. Becca on said:

    Do people do horse back riding there ? If so is it for pleasure, competion or to plow ect. ?

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  4. Hailey HomeBase:Bell on said:

    I used to have 3 pets, a bird named Buddy,a fish named Fish,and a cat named Zackie.

  5. Hailey HomeBase:Bell on said:

    I made a video just for the heak of it. I have it here on m computer!

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  7. Hannah S. on said:

    I am very angry that my FlashPlayer doesn’t wok right now! However… I think that it is very cool that you get to go to one of the VERY MANY schools that participated in the art exchange. I remember hanging up a whole bunch of Ukrainian art, but this school I think sent the most in. That’s really cool that you could meet some of the great artists that created these pieces. 🙂

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