Out of the City

Here’s a friend I met today:

Today, we asked Lydia how to see some of the countryside of Ukraine.  She and her husband invited us to accompany them on a trip to her village.  Overall, the countryside in this area appears very flat, with black soil that is good for growing crops — from wheat to cherry trees.

Today was a special holiday when people visit the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried. People bring flowers and food treats to put on the graves.  Lydia told us that gypsies come and take the food after, and sure enough, we saw some people come and take the treats before we even left.  Normally, people sit and picnic around the graves, but it was rainy and muddy, so we didn’t stay long. Even so, the colors of the flowers were vibrant.

After our visit to the village, we drove further south to a place called Kamennaya mogila, which means “stone tomb” in English. It is a religious site with ancient cave paintings that may have origins as old as the 20th century B.C. It was fun to explore, meet new friends (see video above), and have a picnic lunch there.  Before returning to our hotel, we visited a beautiful city park.  It reminded me of Boston, with swans in the river.  My favorite part was seeing a bridge where lovers attach locks and throw the key into the river to bind their love forever.

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  1. i loved the video!!! the lizard was so cool! by the way, what type of lizard was it?
    how did you find the lizard? did a friend tell you? or did you find the lizard by yourself? and did you meet any other animal friends there?
    i loved the music in the video too! it was so upbeat, i just had to smile and laugh!!! 😀
    i read what you said about the gypsies taking the treasures people left for their loved ones at the cemetaries. i feel bad for those people, and their loved ones’s souls. now they can’t take the treasures that were left for them!
    i’ve heard that gypsies aren’t supposed to be that nice because people say that they steal things. is that true? do YOU think they’re nice? i must say that you’re very lucky to be able to see some REAL gypsies. i’ve never seen any real gypsies yet.
    i saw what you wrote about the Kamennaya mogila. it must’ve been really cool to see cave paintings from a REALLY REALLY long time ago! almost like seeing paintings from cave men!
    say, did the paintings you saw in the “stone tomb” LOOK or SEEM like the paintings of cave men from here? or were they completely different?
    i saw the photos. they’re really cool!!!

    • We just came across the lizard. Pretty cute, huh? We saw several of them actually. They were scurrying in and out of the rocks. Also, we saw a smaller gray lizard that I didn’t photograph.

  2. It’s a pretty lousy day here two! It’s cool that we have the same weather. Although I don’t you’re having a flood watch because we are.

  3. Hi my name is christian from homebase Bell on the EC team. I have heard of the wonderful trips you went to. I also heard that right now your in Ukraine! It must be exciting and fun there. I really like the pictures you took in Ukraine and how interesting they are!! I hope your having a great trip so far. I hope that I will comment and reply more. Have a good time!!!!!! 🙂

  4. You’re little green sticky pal is very cute. The pictures you took are cool to but I don’t understand what those chane things are on the bridge for, it’s just strange. Oh wait I just figured it out when I scroled back up there those must be the locks that bind there love. Maybe if someone went into the lake got a key and unlocked the chain they would stop loving eachover like they magicly knew someone unlocked it. Wouldn’t that be something. All you’re blogs you wrote are great have a fun trip on you’re next adventure!!!
    You’re not so sticky (but still green) very cute pal,
    Emily Gray!!!!!!!

  5. i like the lizard, it reminds me of when i saw an even bigger one in the bahamas. Also where is the video of the lizard taken place????

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