Visit to Khortytsya Island

Zaporizhia’s most famous landmark is Khortytsya Island, which sits in the middle of the Dneiper River.  The city of Zaporizhia is on both sides of the river, around the island. The island has a rich history, including that it was a base for the Cossaks, the warriors of the region. People lived there way back, thousands of years before American history even began.  Also, during World War II, when Ukraine was occupied by the Germans, some important battles happened there.

Since today was Saturday, our host teacher, Lydia, and her husband, Sergei, took me and Carol to the island.  We had a fabulous visit. There’s an area like Plimoth Plantation, with a recreation of a big fortress and the whole settlement.  It’s interactive like Plimoth, and I got to try shooting an arrow and making my own coin.  Check out the video to see how similar it actually looks!

We also trekked around the island, along the coast and into the woods. We even saw a HUGE wild boar, which I didn’t get to photograph.  I was too worried about getting trampled to take out my camera!  It was very cool to see though. At the end of our visit, we had a picnic and I taught Carol and Lydia a few balloon tricks. What a wonderful day! Check out the video to see it for yourself:

A few more favorite pictures:


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  1. seems like Ukraine has more similarities to America than i thought!
    like you said, the fortress looks surprisingly like the settlement at Plimoth Plantation. but in my opinion, the Ukrainian fortress seems a little more…..well…..castle or palace – like. the huge building in the center of the settlement looks fit for a king! but the walls, roofs and such that border of the fortress look a lot like the ones here.
    i noticed your description of the wild boar. wow! i didn’t think they could grow up to THAT size! it must have been HUGE! are wild boars really that dangerous? i mean, they seem harmless when you see them on TV, but i could be wrong.
    i watched the video. it must have been fun to shoot an arrow! did it take you long to practice until you were good enough? and the coin! the coin was cool! say, what was the coin used for? if it was used, how was it used? if it wasn’t used, then would it simply be for decoration? was it important during their (the Natives on the island) time?
    also, how did you feel when you went there? did you feel like you did when you went to Plimoth Plantation? did you feel like you do when you go somewhere when you’re on vacation (ex. beach, Hawaii, etc.)? or did you feel something ENTIRELY different?
    and what do think are the names of the plants that are shown above in the photos? do they behave strangely when you touch them? like if you touch a plant with a flower bud that’s bloomed, it’ll “unbloom” when you touch it.
    overall, how did you find this trip? did you find it historical? as in, traveling back in time? or was it simply an enjoyable experience that you’ll treasure for a long time?

    i know i asked a ton of questions, so take your time to answer them! you don’t have to answer ALL of them! just a couple or a few are fine!

    well, have a fun time Ms. Krakauer!

  2. As anna mentioned i think that it does look something like Plymouth plantation. (especially the fence in the picture) Also I agree anna it does look more medieval and castle-like. Also does the Hydroelectric dam provide electricity from the water. (Hydro- water, + electric or electricity) Also was shooting the arrow hard? I beet making the coin was a lot of work. I bet seeing the boar was exciting! :0 Did you explore the river? Was it giant or medium sized? Was there any visible life in the river?

    : D Well anyways have fun in Ukraine!!!!

  3. here is the Ukrainian version of my last comment:
    Які імена з важливих боїв, що там відбувалося?

  4. are you still in Ukraine or is this in Turkey?
    (Ви все ще в Україні, чи це в Туреччині?)

    • Yes, I’m still in Ukraine. I’ll be until April 28th. Unfortunately, I still can’t read Ukrainian, but sometimes I pull out translators to communicate with people in restaurants. Actually, everyone in this town speaks Russian!

  5. Your blog is always a pleasure to read, but I am glad it was you who saw the boar and not I. I remember you also had a close encounter with a strange bird at the House of Chimeras. How did you acquire this charismatic animal juju?

  6. I made a video of myself answering the students questions if you are still there and want to show it to them, if so, what is your email so i can send it to you.

    -edith (7th grade)

  7. a strange bird??? the bird is a charismatic animal juju???
    can you tell me about this strange bird, Ms. Krakauer?

    also, the House of Chimeras??? i feel like i’ve heard that before……when did you go there, Ms. Krakauer?

  8. Today is your last day in Ukraine, so what are you going to miss most?
    I love archery, did you like it?

  9. This is so cool! It is so cool that you saw a wild boar! I would love to use a bow and arrow! it all sounds like so much fun!

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