Valentines Around the World

Today, my students offered to help me teach you a bit about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different countries around the world.Love is Friendship

1. Denmark

If you’re a woman in Denmark, today you might get a pressed white flowers called snowdrops, or a gaekkebrev, or “joking letter” with a funny poem or rhyme, signed only with anonymous dots.

2. France

Would you want to participate in a loterie d’amour, or “drawing for love?” It’s outlawed now, but unmatched women used to have a big bonfire and burn pictures of men who wronged them. VDay France

 3. South Korea

February 14 in South Korea is similar to our Valentine’s day, but March 14th is White Day, when men give their ladies gifts that go beyond chocolate or flowers. Then April 14th is Black Day, when singles mark the day of being solo by eating black bean-paste noodles. VDay South Korea

4. Wales

People in Wales celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers, on January 25th, when it’s traditional to give a lucky wooden spoon to the one you love. VDay Wales

5. China

In China, Qixi, or the Seventh Night Festival, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year. Young women prepare offerings of melon and other fruits in hopes of finding a good husband. Couples also head to temples to pray for happiness and prosperity. VDay China

6. England

In the United States, we have the Easter Bunny on Easter, but in Norfolk, they have Jack Valentine! He knocks on children’s doors, and when they open it, they find candy and small gifts on their porches. 

VDay Engalnd

7. Philippines

This is the day to get married in the Philippines! Head to a mall or another public location, and you’ll probably see hundreds of couples getting married or renewing their vows.

VDay Philippines

8. Italy

There are may traditions in Italy’s Spring Festival, including giving yummy Baci chocolates and going for romantic dinners. A weird tradition was for young single girls to wake up before dawn — the first man she spotted was thought to be the one she’d marry, or at least someone like him!VDay Italy

9. Brazil

Brazilians have Lovers Day on June 12th, but gifts can be exchanged between anyone you love, whether your family member, friend, or partner. VDay Brazil

10. South Africa

Would you be embarrassed to pin the name of your love interest on your sleeve? That’s what women in South Africa do, and sometimes, this is how men learn who likes them.VDay South Africa

So there you have it! If you want to be a good global citizen, keep learning about other countries, and someday, consider visiting yourself.

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Want to learn more? Read more about these traditions in the article below. Credit:

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  1. I apologize for the very late comment!!!

    So many interesting traditions! I like how this post brings them all together to show how we are all not so different after all! Never knew that women in Denmark get “joking letters” with snowdrops, the first flowers of spring 🙂 The gifts of wooden spoons in Wales are also very cute, I wonder if the spoons are put on display or are used to eat afterwards? The women in South Africa are brave to pin the name of their love interest on their sleeve!

    Hope all is well!!

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