Waterfall Pageant

Little WaterfallsI visited so many waterfalls in Iceland! From big tourist attractions to little side of the road trickles, waterfalls were everywhere. I thought that I would get bored seeing so many waterfalls, but each one was unique. I decided to save a whole post for the waterfalls, and turn it into a little pageant. They can’t exactly walk the runway, but I’ll give a little profile of each one, and then YOU will be the judge. Vote at the end of the post for your favorite.

Contestant #1: Skogafoss


Height: 60 meters (197 feet tall)

Weird Fact: This waterfall used to be on the Southern coast of Iceland, but the coast has receded about 3 miles!

What I did there: Climbed up the steps all the way to the top, counting along the way.

Contestant #2: SeljalandsfossSeljalandsfoss

Special Features: It’s possible to walk behind this waterfall and see it from the back!

Dangers: The path is slippery and wet. If you fall, the situation would probably be grim.

Bonus Feature: We arrived on a sunny day and got to see a rainbow.

Contestant #3: DetifossDetifoss

Claim to Fame: Biggest waterfall in Europe (in terms of volume of water rushing down per second)

Talent: Getting people totally soaked (especially when the weather is windy)

Contestant #4: HraunfossarHraunfossar

English Name: Waterfall of Lava

Fun Fact: This waterfall comes from an underground, or subterranean, river! It flows out of a lava field rather than being fed from a normal river.

Contestant #5: GulfossGulfoss

Nickname: The Golden Waterfall

The Latest Fashion: On the day I visited, Gulfoss was sporting a beautiful rainbow. This is common attire for her, because sunshine and rain mixing together create beautiful results every time!

Contestant #6: Asbyrgi CanyonÁsbyrgi

Claim to Fame: This waterfall is now dry!

Early Days: Scientists can tell that there used to be a big waterfall here back in prehistoric times. The water created this huge valley, but now it is close to totally dry.

Talent: This canyon can produce a big echo if you scream into it!

Contestant #7:Kolugjufur Kolugjufur

Special Talent: This waterfall has a bridge over it, so people can walk or drive right across!

Other Important Facts: None. This waterfall isn’t particularly famous, but it’s still nice.

Contestant #8: GoðafossGodafoss

English Name: Waterfall of the Gods

Early Days: Back in about the year 1000, Christianity became the official religion of Iceland. It’s said that one of the local leaders converted, and then threw his statues of the Norse Gods into the waterfall.

Ok, it’s voting time!

I’m sure that there are so many more waterfalls that didn’t get to “enter” this pageant. If you visit any, please comment and tell me about them! Or if you want to visit these ones, here’s a map that I made to show the approximate location of each waterfall contestant.


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  1. It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. I liked how all the waterfalls were different from one another. They all had their own unique features. Even though I liked all the waterfalls, my favorite one was Hraunfosser because it comes from an underground river

  2. Iceland is beautiful! The waterfalls are amazing! My favorite waterfall is Seljalandsfoss. It is my favorite because of the rainbow.

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