Stop Smoking Across the World

Gandhi Says Stop Smoking

Homebase Gandhi Says “Stop Smoking!”

Homebase Gandhi had an idea — they wanted to educate people around the world, but they didn’t want to do it alone. They wanted to invite other classes around the world to help out.

The goal of my fellowship in Japan is to set up collaborative projects between American and Japanese teachers to work together to do Education for Sustainable Development. My goal is to go deeper than I’ve ever done before in collaborating internationally, and to help my colleagues set up collaborations also. It’ll be new territory for me.

Homebase Gandhi is testing the waters. They created a website about the dangers of smoking. Check it out at

Homebase Gandhi's Website... So far!

Homebase Gandhi’s Website… So far!

They are inviting classes around the world to help out and make a video for the site.

And they made a video themselves, to show kids at other students what kinds of things they might create:

The website has lots of other sections, with well researched information, and interactive elements such as a survey. They completed most of these parts independently, with very little support from teachers, and they did it all in a week. Collaboration between 26 different people isn’t easy, and there were certainly moments of frustration, but they made it through and accomplished their task. I’m proud, and do hope this is just the beginning. Who’s reading this from another country? Want to have your students participate and send a message to the world about the dangers of cigarettes? We hope you’ll consider joining us.

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  1. I agree, smoking’s terrible! Also, great job HB Gandhi! I’m surprised that you researched so much information in just a week!
    ~ Anna

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