HB Gandhi’s Collaborative Art

For those of you who don’t know Innovation Academy, each of our classes are named after people who were innovators in their fields.  Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of his namesake class and their recent Global Citizenship Project. Homebase Gandhi made this stunning collaborative mural about kids around the globe. This gorgeous map of the world will be hung up in our school next fall to inspire students to think about themselves as part of a global community of young people.  Each square on the map includes a unique fact about life for children around the world.  Below are some more photos of the process of creating the art, as well as a few close ups of squares. As you can see, the result is impressive!

Want to see other global citizenship projects? Click these links to learn more:

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  1. this is really cool Ms. Krakauer!!

    HB Gandhi did a really awesome job!!! i bet their final work looks awesome!!
    their work really reminds me of a patchwork quilt . . . in a GOOD way!!

    i hadn’t known that so many children in Austrailia are battling against poverty!! i thought the place they lived in was somewhat like America.
    i hope they African children have a bright future!!
    i read that Germany’s public school systems are a lot like America’s. why is that?
    also, i didn’t know many schools in China focused on science!! i wonder . . .
    based on the Antarctica fact, it’s a pretty interesting idea to move to Antarctica . . .
    i’m excited for when that’s gonna happen!!!!!!
    ~ 😉 anna

  2. i thought that the art was really cool!I loved how they included some good things and some bad things. It’s really cool how it made a globe! I was wondering, how big was the final piece?

  3. I’m just wondering who did who!? It must have been by acident that they all match eachothers beatiful artwork! Graceas-
    – Hailey HomeBase:Bell

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