Being Different isn’t Wrong

How often do people judge others for being different?  One inspirational class of students at Innovation Academy decided to stand up and try to make a change.  Homebase Edelman chose to focus their global citizenship project on educating the public about Autism, a disorder that affects 1 in 88 kids in the United States. The topic was personal to many of them, as they told story after story about family members, friends, and neighbors who live with Autism. I’m proud to present Homebase Edelman’s film, featuring singing, dancing, and a whole lot of heart:

Students in Homebase Edelman planned and executed this entire project this week in Social Studies.   They brainstormed, researched, composed, wrote, and practiced together. It was a lot of work, and sometimes it was hard to come together around a common vision.  In fact, we weren’t ready to film until Friday, and ended up doing all video taping in one morning. Despite some challenges, I think it’s safe to say that the project was a huge success.  It’s too early to say if viewers will approach people with Autism differently after watching this little film, but I’m confident that Homebase Edelman students are changed because of this experience.  They’d love to hear your comments, and please help them spread their message far and wide by sharing their youtube link.

Note: If you haven’t already seen them, check out last quarter’s Global Citizenship Projects here.  Also, this quarter Homebase Gandhi did a fabulous collaborative art project shown here.

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  1. come on everyone!!!

    BE A FRIEND TO THOSE WITH AUTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ 😉 anna

  2. I think that this video came out great and I had an extremely fantastic time working on it. I think that many people could learn quite a lot about autism, though they would have to find another video if they wanted to find out the cause, the other signs, etc.. It was a great experience and I loved the conclusion!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Maggie. It’s true that this video is only the beginning and there’s so much more to learn. I’m thinking that perhaps I could use the video as a start to an orientation session next fall, to talk to the incoming 5th graders about being respectful of difference. If you have ideas for what else to include in this workshop, let me know.

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