Student Video Response #2

Here’s another video of Ukrainian students responding to American student questions.  They also asked some of their own too: 

Ukrainian students: If you are reading this, please comment to the American students.

American students: Feel free to answer their questions in the comments below, and they can view it on the blog.  Also, we got an email from a teacher in France this morning. She showed her class our videos, and they commented on the Child Labor video and Religion video. Check out their comments!  We are communicating all over the world. This week, the blog has been viewed in 9 countries, including Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and Australia! How exciting is that?

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  1. i sent you my responses by email to your innovation email. did you receive them?

      • yes i did, you sent me back what seemed like a computer response:

        I am traveling with the Teachers for Global Classrooms program in
        Ukraine and Turkey. I am out of the country from April 14 – May 5,
        2012. I apologize for any delay in responding to your email.

        Alex McNaughton will be handling any homebase or Social Studies
        concerns in my absence. Please be in touch with him for any immediate
        needs. He can be reached at

  2. I wish I could reply to the girl who answered my question, I would tell her that my favorite book is Howl’s Moving Castle, by Dianna Wynne Jones. 😦

  3. it’s really exciting how people from a country that’s so far away from ours is answering our questions!
    i really want to answer one of their questions, and ask another question of my own, but what are their names?

  4. One girl asked what types of films we liked. I love comedies! I despise horror movies or scary books or scary anything. My favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams.

  5. I like watching comedies and animated films! I really liked The Lorax which is an animated film by Dr. Seuss. Do you have a favorite movie?

  6. I have a question for a Ukrainian student. Do you have a favorite animal? My 4 favorite animals are sheep, snake, owl, and of course cats.

  7. Actually, I would like to ask this to Iacs students too, to compare. I would love a response.

  8. Hey Cora!
    My favorite animal is a dolphin! Give me the sight of dolphins jumping out of the water any day, any time! I also love their personality. (Smart, curious, happy, friendly, etc.)

    Now here’s a response to the Ukrainian student who wanted to know if we thought the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012:

    Hello! I’m Anna!

    I’m not really sure if the world is REALLY going to end.
    Scientists say that the Mayans (who developed this theory) simply ran out of space on the calendars that they used to mark the days. (I think they used them to mark the future days, too.)
    I asked my friends, and they just told me not believe in this nonsense. My parents don’t think it will end either.
    As you can see, there’s a lot of evidence that the world will not end.
    Yet, there’s still many people in the world who believe in this!
    Honestly, I have NO IDEA who’s right and who’s wrong. I try to make myself believe that the world will not end, but I still have my doubts.

    So, you could say that half of myself believes that the world will end, and the other half doesn’t believe it will end.

    Well, let’s hope for the best! (If the world is going to end.)


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