On your mark. Get set. Go! Write!

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow I will be getting on a plane for Ukraine.  While I am away, you are invited to be a part of the journey. Students in 5/6 Social Studies will get credit for completing the following work. If you are not in our classes now, ask your teacher if he or she will give you extra credit for completing this.

Student Assignment: You must answer at least three questions below, each based on a different blog entry.  Extension credit will be given for additional answers here, or thoughtful comments on posts. Make sure to use complete sentences.

Packing is under way: I've got the guidebooks, passport, and IACS bracelets to give as gifts to Ukrainian students. Don't worry -- I won't try to fit my bird into my suitcase! She'll stay in Massachusetts to greet me upon my return.

If you’d like to download a copy of the worksheet, click here. I will be blogging away, so I hope you will be reading along and responding.

The Questions:

1. Fun Experiences: Choose something that Ms. Krakauer did that you think would be very fun to do yourself. Write about what it is, and why you’d like to do that too.

2. Challenging Experiences: Choose something that Ms. Krakauer did that you think would be very challenging to do yourself. Write about what it is, and why you’d find it challenging.

3. Culture: Name an aspect of Ukrainian or Turkish culture that Ms. Krakauer encountered. Describe what Ms. Krakauer saw and what this says about the local culture.

4. Religion: Did Ms. Krakauer experience anything relating to the religious beliefs of people in Ukraine and Turkey? Describe what she saw, and how it is similar and/or different to religions that you know about.

5. Education: Read a post about Ukrainian or Turkish schools. What did you find most interesting, surprising, or different compared to our school?

6. Landscape: Describe an aspect of the landscape in Ukraine or Turkey. How does it affect the way people live in that place?

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    • Great question, Sarah. I have been reading a lot trying to figure that out. One thing I predict I’m pretty sure of is that the food will be different. I also think that there will be a lot of signs of Islam around Turkey, and I’ve heard that the call to prayer can wake you up in the morning. I’ll keep you posted when I learn more!

  1. I saw the picture of ur hotel when u showed us in class and I thought it was cool. Do you know how they made that.

    • I don’t know how it was built, but I am excited to learn more about it too. That hotel that you are talking about is in Turkey, and I’m not going there until the end of April. But I hope to answer your question then.

  2. sorry i came here so late, but….
    i just wanted to wish you a great trip Ms. Krakauer!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!! ;D

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