Arrived in Kyiv

After a long journey and little sleep, I have arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine!  I have my own hotel room and it is lovely, so I am taking a minute to relax and catch my breath before dinner.  Here are some photos of my journey:

I left Boston at 4:30 pm, and arrived in Frankfurt, Germany at 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. However, on Germany time it was 5:30 am. So, I ate breakfast and basically missed a night of sleep.

Loki enjoyed the flight, which included a yummy dinner, breakfast, and a showing of The Muppets

We arrived to a gray, drizzly day in Kyiv, Ukraine.

My first challenge was figuring out which was the ladies' room. This?

...Or this?

Driving to the hotel, we got our first glimpse of the Dnieper River, and the city.

I need to review my Ukrainian azbuka (alphabet)! And check out that green car.

This is the view from my hotel room. We are right next to the stadium for Euro Cup 2012.

Tonight we are going to dinner. Most places in the city are closed because it is the Ukrainian Easter.  However, our group will be busy getting oriented to being here!  More posts coming soon.  Thanks to everyone who is following, commenting, and wishing me safe travels.

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  1. holy moly cadoly!!! those are some cool photos up there!!! my mom thought the photos were cool too!!!
    i have a question, how long did it take you to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine? i mean, from the time you left home, to the time you arrived in your hotel? i also mean the amount of time it took you to fly from Boston, to Kyiv.
    by the way, how are you feeling, as in right now? and how is Loki? Loki seemed pretty happy in the photo of her on the plane!
    well… Po3Ba(x)aT(N)C(R)!
    (sorry, i tried to say “Have fun!” in Ukrainian, but there are some weird symbols in the word that my keyboard doesn’t have, the letters in () are the ones that are the strange symbols.)
    well, i’ll say it in English now…
    Have fun! 😉

    • Thanks, Anna. I’m exhausted, but feeling good! The journey was very long. I left my house around 2:15 pm and arrived at the hotel in Kyiv at 3 pm the next day. Kyiv is 7 hours later than Boston, so that’s equal to 9 am. So, I guess that’s about 19 hours total! Loki survived the trip and is ready for bed now 🙂

  2. have you caught up on sleep? loki too? i hope so! i also hope that you found the right washroom (restroom in Canada) too!

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