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Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I leave for Ukraine in exactly one month!  I will arrive the day before a Ukrainian holiday:  Orthodox Easter (two weeks later than the Easter celebrated by most people here).  I am lucky to have a co-worker, Giancarla Kalpas, who is skilled in the art of Pysanky, which is a traditional Ukrainian folk art involving decorating eggs.  These eggs are very fancy and made using a batik method with various layers of wax art.  A few days ago, some Innovation Academy teachers enjoyed an afternoon of crafting. Here are the results.

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8 thoughts on “Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

  1. Those are AWESOME. You all did a great job!!

  2. s. harris on said:

    Beautiful! I am so envious. I think I’ll troll the Yellow Pages this weekend and see if some place in Cincinnati offers classes. You and Carol (Hamilton) have inspired me!

  3. Elissa on said:

    Wow! You are improving your technique! Love the little birdie.

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  5. Sarah Y. HB Edelman on said:

    I think the eggs are really awesome. I like your design! Do other countries have cool easter egg traditions like the USA or Ukraine?

  6. Dallen Edelman on said:

    Who made these? They are amazing

    • Thanks, Dallen! I made one of them — the blue and purple one with the bird on it. Mrs. Kalpas and her daughter made the others. They have been doing it for years and are very talented.

  7. Sarah Y. HB Edelman on said:

    Can you show us some more ukrianian things you see or make? or buy?

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