Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I leave for Ukraine in exactly one month!  I will arrive the day before a Ukrainian holiday:  Orthodox Easter (two weeks later than the Easter celebrated by most people here).  I am lucky to have a co-worker, Giancarla Kalpas, who is skilled in the art of Pysanky, which is a traditional Ukrainian folk art involving decorating eggs.  These eggs are very fancy and made using a batik method with various layers of wax art.  A few days ago, some Innovation Academy teachers enjoyed an afternoon of crafting. Here are the results.

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  1. Beautiful! I am so envious. I think I’ll troll the Yellow Pages this weekend and see if some place in Cincinnati offers classes. You and Carol (Hamilton) have inspired me!

  2. I think the eggs are really awesome. I like your design! Do other countries have cool easter egg traditions like the USA or Ukraine?

    • Thanks, Dallen! I made one of them — the blue and purple one with the bird on it. Mrs. Kalpas and her daughter made the others. They have been doing it for years and are very talented.

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