Tech Toolkit:     Clicking ~ Commenting ~ Conversing ~ Creating ~ Connecting

How do you get students beginning to engage with online content?

MA PollStrategy #1: Poll Students The first step to getting students giving input can be as simple as multiple choice, but not in a boring, standardized testing way. Everyone likes to vote! (for favorites or contests).

Tools to Look Like a Pro:

  • Poll Everywhere – Get real time feedback as students vote through the web, tweet, or texting!
  • Google Forms – If you use Google Drive, you can make simple and professional looking surveys using google forms.

Strategy #2: Ask Questions  Questions are a great way to get to know what students are understanding about what they read. I have enjoyed asking students to help me out while traveling (Magical Lands of Turkey) or even answering fun trivia questions (Colors of Kyiv).

Tools to Look Like a Pro:

  • Survey Monkey – Create a survey for your students and get back analytics about their answers.
  • Socrative – Students answer questions from any device, giving their input in a variety of ways!
  • Collaborize – Create an online discussion board and track student comments (they also have some neat free resources, like an “online code of conduct“)

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 9.07.34 PMStrategy #3: Use Learning Management Systems – There are several organizations that have made social media platforms especially for the classroom. Teachers can post content for students to read and comment on, or students can have discussions, do assignments, and collaborate in a safe, private platform. (My students think it’s cool like Facebook).

Tools to Look Like a Pro:

  • Edmodo – I use Edmodo because it creates so many opportunities for students to engage in new ways!
  • GoogleClassroom – This allows teachers to give and track assignments through GoogleDrive, and has a lot of features of Edmodo. Really useful tool!
  • Schoology – I’ve heard Schoology is great too, and possibly better for older students.

Students are getting more involved, but there’s so much more possible. Move on to the next step, Conversing.

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