Massachusetts Pride

Hello students,

As I mentioned in class, whenever you see this little picture of Loki, you will know that this is a post especially for you.  You are welcome to read any of the other ones too, of course, but these ones are written with you in mind.

Today, I need your advice.  I want to bring some gifts for students in Ukraine that show off the best aspects of our beautiful state, Massachusetts.  As you can imagine, it can’t be too big, messy, or heavy.  A lobster wouldn’t fit in my suitcase! What objects would show people in other countries what is special about where we live?  If you have any ideas, please suggest them in the comments section below.  If you have anything at home that you’d like to donate, such as Massachusetts postcards, please bring them to our classroom. Also, while you are here, take this little poll:

Thank you in advance for your help!

I don't think there's room in my suitcase for the Old North Bridge or all those autumn leaves! However, doesn't this photo show some of the best aspects of our state?

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  1. hmm……. yes, i think that the picture DOES show many great things about Massachusetts!!! the picture IS pretty cool, to be honest. i’m not sure about what else you could bring to show everyone about Massachusetts, but i think you could bring something that shows the 4 seasons!
    but unless ABSOLUTELY necassary, the ‘things’ you bring should be from nature.
    so, you could bring 1 thing from spring (ex. flower), 1 thing from summer (ex. picture of people going to the beach?), 1 thing from fall (ex. an autumn leaf), and 1 thing from winter (ex. picture of people building a snowman?). it can show them our daily climate!
    although it’s probably kind of hard to find something from winter….. because of the fact that it’s NOT winter……
    i’m not sure, but i hope you have a fun trip! 😉

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