Tourist Farm Love

Hole in my heart.pngThere are still more days of sunshine on the horizon, but my summer is ending. This week teachers at our school are back at work, prepping our classrooms for the start of a new school year. I’m holding onto a little bit of summer by remembering my favorite places I visited back in July: Slovenian tourist farms.

Never heard of a tourist farm? Basically, it’s just what it sounds like. All over the countryside of Slovenia, tourists can stay at local farms instead of hotels, where they experience the rural life and chow on local food.

After driving through Triglav National Park, making our way up and down the 50 switchbacks of the Vršič Pass, we made our way to Tourist Farm Kranjc near Kobarid. We passed through a quaint little village called Luce as we made our way off the main road.Near Kranjc

And then we arrived. On one side of the house, there was a pretty densely packed neighborhood of local houses.Kranjc Neighborhood

On the other side of the house, there were the views and the farm.Farm Sheds.png

And just like that, I fell in love with this place. I just wanted to sit on their patio forever, alternating between their swing and hammock.


What a perfect place to relax in nature. SpiderwebsFurry Flowers

To top things off, the family was nice as can be, and they had the sweetest dog (whose name was something like Moscow or Rosco).15 year old pup.png

The best part, though? The food! So local and yummy. Tourist Farm Food

The downside? We only had one night here. We considered backing out of our reservation for the next night, but we pushed on. In the morning, we only had a little time for exploring, and decided to go to Slap Kozjak (which means “Kozjak Waterfall”) for a quick hike before hitting the road. It was a beautiful little adventure:

And then the roads. We had to drive WAY too long to get to our other tourist farm. We did pause for a nice rest stop on the Soca River, but we didn’t have much time to gaze at the ridiculously clear, turquoise waters. (Notice the rocks below. The water is so clear you can’t even SEE it!)

As we drove, I seriously questioned what I was thinking choosing these two tourist farms so far away from each other.

And then we arrived. Yes, Tourist Farm Govc-Vršnik was definitely worth the drive. Our room was huge and we had two porches, both with stunning views:

The place was incredible — it was much more remote than the other tourist farm, and such a peaceful area to walk around.

Even the food somehow managed to give our last tourist farm a run for their money, which I didn’t think was possible. Plus we had a great view from the deck where the meals were served. They even served something that seemed like matzah ball soup for dinner, and it made me feel like I was home.

Sadly, we only stayed there one night too. The next morning we headed back to Ljubljana to return our rental car and leave Slovenia.Govc Pano

Since I travel often, people sometimes ask me which places I would hope to go back someday. Definitely I would love to go back to both of these tourist farms, and explore many more.

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  1. Wow,another beautiful country! In Japan, we seldom have chances to know these places. Thank you for showing them.

  2. Very interesting, I’ve never heard of tourist farms before. They are beautiful! The food looks delicious too! Is Slovenia the only country with tourist farms?


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