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saracups.jpgAs it turns out, sometimes it’s easy to forget how much I love art. When I was a kid I used to have all sorts of projects going, all over my house. I’ve always loved creating stuff, but these days I often find myself too busy to get crafting.

When I could sneak in a few minutes to let my creative juices run wild this week, I ended up making a little music video about our global humanity. It features photographs I’ve taken in 20 different countries, and a sweet little song I’ve been digging recently. You’re the first to see it!

In recent years, I’ve been loving the process of creating art using technology, whether digital photography, videography, or blogging. Sure, it’s still fun making balloons for people, but I’m really enjoying learning these new art forms.Balloons on Malian Transit

It’s not too early to start brainstorming possible trips for next summer, and my mind is on a big multi-media project. Could I make a documentary film instead of little YouTube clips? Probably I should first learn how to use basic photo editing software, huh?Bali Wandering Send me ideas for places to go and projects to realize. Right now, it’s the brainstorming phase, so anything goes!

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  1. The video is great! The music fits perfectly with the pictures. Also I think that it’s great how you’re thinking of making a documentary! 🙂
    Here’s a link to possible places to go:

    It includes places such as Bora Bora, Maldives, Zurich, Crete, and many other places! The Amazon Rainforest is another possibility.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sara-sensei! I truly enjoy your video and almost cried. It is because the photos taken by you is full of love. The singers voice reminds me of your voice! Thank you.

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