Plimoth Challenge Winners!

I’m a Social Studies teacher, so I normally don’t teach formulas. However, here’s one that you definitely want to learn: Teamwork + Experiential Learning = Amazing Results!

Meeting ColonistsOne hundred Innovation Academy students slept over at Plimoth Plantation on October 8th. They woke up the following morning, having barely slept, and were faced with a team challenge. If you guessed that they were too tired to function, you’d be wrong. The excitement to go out and keep learning, combined with the creativity of these students, produced many impressive projects. Without further ado, here are our winners!

Math Challenge: Write a Word Problem 

The task ~ Math is all around us, even if you don’t see it. Wampanoag people and English colonists had to figure out things like how much corn to grow every year, or how many people could be fed by one deer. They would have to manage their time, thinking about things like how long it would take to make a canoe or house, or how many hours a day must be spent cooking. Write an original word problem in the form of a story. Use video, photos, or text and artwork to creatively show your word problem.

Math Challenge Winner #1: Team 4: Carleigh, Angelina, Elizabeth, Bella Kay, and Isabelle

Math Challenge Winner #2: Team 6: Anagha, Rachel, Monica, and Nonny

Berries and Cord

Math Challenge Winner #3: Team 3 ~ Mya, Ashley, and Bella

Science Challenge: Relationship with the Land

The task ~ Both Wampanoag people and English colonists relied heavily on the land. Ask Plimoth staff members questions to figure out creative ways that people used to benefit from the landscape in Massachusetts. Using video, photos, or text and artwork, show 5 examples of the most interesting ways that people used the land to make their lives better.

Science Challenge Winner #1: Team 14 ~ Joshua, Jaden, Johnny, Trevor, and John

Science Challenge Winner #2: Team 2 ~ Amanda, Kerry, Marissa, Emily, and Emma

Science Challenge Winner #3: Team 5 ~ Kyra, Marina, Shayla, Leah, and Olivia

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ELA Challenge: 17th Century Problem Solving

The task ~ Today, we use technology to help us with all sorts of things, from microwaving our food to finding our way around with GPS directions. These technologies didn’t always exist. Choose a particular kind of 21st century technology and explore how people used to solve the same problems. You’ll have to be creative about how you ask questions to English colonists, as they’ve never heard of any modern gadgets or the internet! Using video, photos, or text and artwork, tell a story about how people used to solve problems that are solved today using technology.

ELA Challenge Winner #1: Team 11 ~ John, Athul, Dan, Kadyn, and Eshan

This project can only be played on the program Keynote, on a mac, but it’s worth the download (click here). You’ll see awesome cartoon animation and learn about how colonists dealt with illness without modern medicine.

ELA Challenge Winner #2: Team 8 ~ Katherine, Ila, and Sarah

ELA Challenge Winner #3: Team 7 ~ Seneca, Becca, Annika, Sofia, and Cienna

Multiple Challenge Winner: Team 12 ~ Spencer, Carlo, Solomon, and Patrick

This team didn’t just enter one challenge. They shared THREE different docs. Impressive! Here’s a small taste of their video skills, edited for length.

There were many more amazing projects submitted. Some great ones could not be posted due to internet permissions and other technical complications. Thank you to all of our 5th and 6th graders who brought their curiosity and creativity to this challenge! Where will they go next?!

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