Student Guest Post: Meat, Meat, Meat in Brazil

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (posts from Ms. Krakauer’s trip to Japan) to give you… a guest entry from an incoming 5th grader! Who else can’t wait to hear more about Rebecca’s trip to Brazil?!

* * * * * * * *

Hi IACS! In June I went on my yearly trip to Brazil to visit my family. During the five-hour drive from the Rio de Janeiro Airport (Galeão Airport) to my grandfather’s house, we stopped by a Brazilian restaurant…

Vacaria ChurrascariaThe restaurant was called the “Vacaria Churrascaria”. There was an all-you-can-eat buffet in the center and waiters walking around with side dishes and big cuts of meat held by big skewers. The air smelled like meats, fish and sausages of all types. Beef sirloin, ribeye, salmon, pork ribs, everything!

MeatThe waiters would walk from table to table offering the food they were holding. If we said we wanted a certain cut of meat, they would cut part of the meat off with a big meat knife into our plates. If we said we wanted any of the delicious side dishes, the waiters would use two spoons as a grabber to transport the food from the bowl into our plates.

First place for me was the meat. But in second place was definitely the all-you-can-eat buffet. It was in the very center of the restaurant and it had the most delicious foods. It was packed with sushi, salads, risottos, ham, sauces and cheeses. Practically anything you wanted to eat with the delicious meat could be found at the buffet.

RebeccaThe restaurant had an indoor garden with a big fish tank at the entrance hall. With our stomachs full of delicious food, my brother Leo and I went to see the fish in the tank. But these weren’t regular goldfish; these were big, multicolored carp. They looked as if somebody had splattered white, black, orange and yellow paint into the fish tank. Leo was scaring away the fish while I was luring them back with my hand.

Overall, it was great to visit Brazil again. I hope I can go back to the Vacaria Restaurant next year and eat some of the good food. I think it was a great opportunity to have some traditional Brazilian food in a Brazilian churrascaria.

~Rebecca S.

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  1. The food sounds good!
    I’ve always liked seeing animals like carp in restaurants, they add a little fun to the experience 🙂
    By the way, are you going to see the Olympics live in Rio de Janeiro next summer?


  2. Hi Rebecca-
    Thanks for writing about your trip. I’m eager to hear more about where your family lives and to meet you in person! There are a lot of Brazilian restaurants in the town where I live and my husband loves the meat, especially. I enjoy the plantains, black beans, and the yucca. See you soon!

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