Testing out the Underwater Camera at Sosua Beach

Today, we took a local bus, or Gua Gua, to Sosua Beach and tried a little snorkeling. We didn’t really know where to go, but opted to explore on our own rather than go on a tour or a glass bottom boat. The beach itself was pretty beautiful, but every minute or so, some guy would approach us and try to sell us something. That was a little adventure in itself, but ultimately, we found a nice quiet place to sit and admire the view. Sosua Beach

Eventually, we made our way into the water! I borrowed an underwater camera for this trip, and I loved playing with it!


We didn’t see anything too exciting at first. Just the sun shining through the water onto the sand.


As we got deeper, we saw some coral, and a lot of black spiny sea urchins. I stayed clear of those, since I’m pretty sure they’d hurt to touch!

Spikey Black

There were some neat looking fish too, but I’m not so good with the underwater camera yet. Here’s my best shot:


We made it out pretty far before deciding to head in. The waves were pushing us out, so it was harder to get back to shore than to get out to sea.

View from the Water

All in all, the snorkeling adventure was a success!


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