Back to the Caribbean

Today, I’m heading back to the Caribbean Sea for the third time this winter. This time, the Dominican Republic!

Caribbean MapIt’s been a cold snowy winter, and I feel very lucky. (Also, I’ve chosen to travel and not buy a house, designer clothes, fancy furniture, or other “adult” things).Cold and Hot

I took a break from blogging during my last trip to Puerto Rico, so all the beachy photos in this post will be from that trip!

The sun sets over San Juan, Puerto Rico

The sun sets over San Juan, Puerto Rico

This time, I’m getting my students involved. In class, we’re learning about this region of the world. So students wrote notes to Dominican kids, which I am planning to deliver and attempt to get responses. I’ll be spending a day volunteering with youth in between vacation-y time.

IMG_3082My students also wrote questions, and I’ll try to seek out the answers.


I’m looking forward to learning more about Dominican culture. Speaking of tacos, I’m curious to learn more about what the food will be like. I don’t think I know much about food in the Dominican Republic!

Taco MakerI’m also looking forward to some relaxation time. Don’t worry — I don’t work all the time!

In Puerto Rico, we took a ferry to a smaller island and then rented a car. This time, we’ll be getting around with public transit. So, that’ll be interesting.

I’m also looking forward to seeing more interesting plants and wildlife, like I did in Puerto Rico:

What else will I see? Stay tuned to hear more about this adventure. My blogging hiatus is over!

P.S. Want to read more? A group of students and staff from Innovation Academy is heading to Costa Rica, which also has some borders on the Caribbean Sea. Read more about their Spanish study and exploration this week at 

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