Today’s Sons and Daughters of Liberty speak out!

On Thursday night, I went to a protest in downtown Boston, and then on Friday morning, I had to be up early to attend a protest in Social Studies class. Our students were giving speeches at a meeting of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Outside the classroom walls, Americans are sending a message that they are outraged — black people are getting killed by the police and sent to jail at a much higher rate than people of other races, and white police officers are not going to trial even when their crimes appear atrocious. What do you think: do our complaints today have anything in common with those of the Patriots before the American Revolution? Click any photo to see it bigger.

As history unfolds before us, the United States can be an exciting and terrifying place. Some people may feel that the events in the news today are nothing too extraordinary, while others see Americans finally standing up to call out our broken system.  What do you think? Is it time for another revolution? Or have we learned how to make changes happen without going to war?

Note: Please share your comments below, where it says “leave a reply.” Students — many adults around the world would love to hear your perspectives. Adults —  the students would love to hear your thoughts too — please help me include many different perspectives in this conversation.

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