Adventurous Eating in Spain

Today’s guest post comes from an incoming 7th grader, Isabela. I’m very impressed with her adventurous eating in Spain, and I think you will be too!

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This summer from the 28th of June to the 30th of July me and my family went to Spain. In Spain we saw and tried many new things, but one thing I really loved was trying all the new food. We tried Yemas, Kinder Buenos, Albondigas, Tortilla Española, and Paella– these are just the beginning too. YemasLet me start off by talking about Yemas. Yemas are a pastry using just the yolk of an egg, cinnamon, syrup, and lemon juice. They give you a very full sort of feeling. I liked them, my sister loved them, and the rest of us didn’t really like them. They tasted very good, but to us it’s a texture problem; they are just a weird texture in your mouth. The town where we got them carried them everywhere so they loved them.

PaellaWe also tried the Spanish dish Paella (pie-a-ya). The one we tried was a combination of yellow rice, chicken, rabbit, peppers, tomatoes, and more. I enjoyed it very much; it is delicious. You must be saying “rabbit? Ewww.” And don’t worry I said that too, but I forced myself to try it and it tastes just like chicken. All of us liked Paella.

We tried Albondigas and those were delicious. They are meatballs in a pepper sauce that is a little spicy. I would have both these dishes again if or when I have the chance.Albondigas

When you think of a tortilla you think of thin flat bread, right? Well, in Spain, they think of tortilla Española which is a salty potato and egg omelette. This is like an appetizer that you can have for any meal of the day. We had this toward the middle of the trip and never left a grocery store without buying it for the rest of the trip.Tortilla

One of the traditional desserts or snack in Spain is Churros y Chocolate.  Churros are fried dough dipped in sugar.  Then, you dip the churro in a thick, rich, creamy chocolate drink.  It’s like a real thick cup of hot chocolate.  Yum!Churros

There is one last product I would like to tell you about and this is like their candy bar. It is called a Kinder Bueno and it is very good. It tastes like chocolate and white chocolate Nutella.

From my experiences in Spain I have learned to try everything because you never know what you might like. I hope that you try new things too.


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  1. The foods you tried on your trip all sound interesting. I have tried and love Churros but have not had it with chocolate sauce. I will give it a try!

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