Fight For The Reef

Our whiteboard turned into the ocean today!

Our whiteboard turned into the ocean today!

Did you know that the Australian government recently approved a plan to dump about 106 million cubic feet of dredged mud right into the Great Barrier Reef? Why would they do this to the thousands of plants and animal species living there? They want to build one of the biggest coal ports in the world, and that will bring in lots of money for their country. However, many believe that the international community has a duty to protect the wonderous Great Barrier Reef.

Just watch the video!

Just watch the video!

Homebase Edelman, a determined group of 5th and 6th graders at Innovation Academy, agrees. They chose to focus their last week of class learning about this issue and fighting to protect the reef. As it turns out, they are not alone in supporting this cause. Ben and Jerry’s is teaming up with the World Wildlife Fund Australia to make a difference.

What can you do? This June, UNESCO’s world heritage committee will vote on the future of the reef. So, NOW is the time for people around the world to take action. Visit and vote today. Spread the word with #fightforthereef. Help our class and help save the ocean!

Homebase Edelman proudly presents their masterpiece — full of a whole lot of creativity, balloons, and heart. Please help this go viral by sharing with everyone you know:



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  1. WHY would people want to ruin one of their country’s most wondrous natural treasures for money???? The Great Barrier Reef has the word, “Great,” for a reason. It stands for the fact that it’s the largest coral reef on the face of the Earth, and that it’s simply full of beautiful sea creatures that belong there. Most people don’t realize it, but even an aquatic animal as common as the clam plays an important role in our survival. The Great Barrier Reef belongs in Austrailia, and must stay in a great state forever!
    And I love HB Edelman’s video!!!! 😀
    ~ Anna

  2. The Great Barrier Reef is home to the worlds most unique under-water animals. If we destroy it, it could throw of our whole ecosystem! And who wants to destroy a whole reef just for money? Animals are just as important as humans. Would you want to bomb a whole country just for money? We should respect animals for the important role that they play in our lives. If we want to treasure the Great Barrier Reef for a long time, then we have to protect it and fight for it!


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