Thanks from the Students

I got these photographs in my email today, just saying thanks from a little school in Ukraine to a little school in the United States.


We also feel so thankful for the ability to connect across the oceans. The creativity and courage of the Ukrainian people is inspiring.

To Lydia, Yulia, Lyudmila, and all the students at Zaporizhzhya Classical Lyceum — 

Дякую! Thank you!

Note: If you live in Massachusetts and want to see the art from the Ukrainian students in person, it’ll be on display on Friday night at our Middle School Art Show. We’ll also have art on display from OneWorld Classrooms, flown in from classrooms all over the world. Come check it out!

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  1. Whoa! The art’s going to be at the Art Show? I’ll see if I can go!
    Also, these photos are so sweet!
    ~ Anna

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