Boston on Earth

crowdsThis website is called “Innovation on Earth” for two reasons. Not only do we want to make innovative change happen across the globe, but we want to remember that our little school, Innovation Academy, is a part of a larger global community. The town of Tyngsboro, MA is our location, but we are one school of many all over the planet.

Today was one of those days when it’s easy to remember that we are part of a global community. I went to watch the Boston Marathon and it wasn’t just the locals that were shouting “Boston Strong.” People from all over the world came out to participate in this event and bring love to our city. Pictured below are runners from Portugal, Mexico, Denmark, Australia, South Korea, Ecuador, UK, South Africa, Costa Rica, USA, Brazil, and Canada! Collage

There were so many more countries represented. I couldn’t snap my camera fast enough as they whizzed by. The world wanted us to know that we are cared for. Thank you, World! We felt the love today.

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  1. My roommate from college, Lisa Booher, ran the Marathon that Monday. 😀 I hadn’t seen her in 14 years. She’s from Alabama and is a mother of four (so am I, but I didn’t pop out twins and run the Boston Marathon 5 years later!). I didn’t make it down to the race itself, but from the roof of the Museum of Science, I could see the police helicopters, the crowds, and the gorgeous skyline of Boston. And when we went to pick Lisa and her husband, Amory, up from downtown post-race, the sheer number of people of every ethnicity and culture was amazing. We whisked them away to dinner in Woburn, where instead of battling crowds, we enjoyed Lisa’s favorite, Indian food, as the only group in the restaurant. I don’t run, I’ve never attended a marathon, but getting a taste of that wonderful Boston Marathon culture made me want more and I intend to be there next year! The aims of terrorists to break people apart, scare us into submission and make us afraid to come out to public events has backfired big-time; more than ever, no matter where we originated and where we sleep at night, we are ALL Bostonians, Americans, citizens of the world, humankind, and the tragedy we endured in 911 and at last year’s marathon have only made us stronger, kinder, and more inclined to love and serve each other.

    You talk mostly about culture here; the culture my kids will grow up in is not one of fear, but of strength, love, knowledge, and joy.

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