Labels Lie

Homebase Barton was challenged to think of a project that would benefit others and show global citizenship. The class voted to focus on the issue of discrimination, working to decrease intolerance and promote understanding in the United States and beyond. Check out their work, and please spread the word to people you know who work with middle school kids. We hope that many other students benefit from seeing their peers send these positive messages.

Labels Lie: GLBTQ

Labels Lie: Race and Ethnicities

Labels Lie: Religion

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  1. Go LGBTQSA!!!!!! (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer/Questioning, Straight Alliance. I go to a program called Our Whole Lives, and there was a panel of gay, lesbian, trans, and bi people and they were really cool, and nice, and their stories were amazing.

  2. Also I marched in the Boston Gay Pride Parade last year, and I felt like a great person, it;s awesome you guys support that kind of stuff!

  3. I really like how the videos are formatted, how at the very end, the person would say, “Labels Lie.” Though I’m a good student, I strongly agree with the person who said that if she were Asian, she wouldn’t want people to automatically assume she’s a nerd.
    ~ Anna 😉

  4. Good work, HB Barton! I am proud of your hard work to spread an important message. Labels DO lie.

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