Freedom… Even in School

FireworksThe 4th of July is about more than just fireworks and BBQs! Our 5th and 6th graders know that it celebrates that special day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Even though it’s been a long time since the United States earned our freedom from Britain, the concept of freedom is still very important in our country.

MuralAnd even in school, I’m continually amazed at what our students can accomplish when given the freedom to create. At the end of this year, students in Homebase Edelman were given a task to design and implement a project that gives to others on a global scale. You’ll be so impressed with what they came up with!

Group 1: MUSIC COMPOSITION (Topic: Homelessness)

This group composed and performed an original song, working to show what people are doing around the world to help homeless people.


This group of students drew a stunning art piece designed to educate people about what can be done to stop environmental damage. But that wasn’t enough for them, so they made a stop motion animation video using their art as a background!

Group 3: VIDEO (Topic: Ending the War in Afghanistan)

This group decided to speak directly to the public in a video, letting them know how the war in Afghanistan has an impact on people around the world.

Global giving doesn’t need to stop here, and it won’t. Personally, I am looking for ways to continue this work over the summer. I’ve got lots of freedom to explore since school is out.

If you are a student, help me come up with some ideas for global giving in the summer. What global action can you take this summer? Any ideas for the rest of us?

If you are a teacher, please share what amazing things your students have done when given the freedom to choose their own project?

Whoever you are, wherever you are — Best wishes to all Americans for a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

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  1. Great projects guys!!!! 😀

    Ways to take global action this summer (for everyone!):
    – volunteer at charities/fundraisers
    – fund raise for a global problem
    – cut down on energy (use less paper, turn unused electronics off, reduce, reuse, recycle, ride bikes/walk when possible, etc.)
    – research a global problem and think of ways you can help
    – be kind to all! (don’t not be friends with people who have (for example) autism, they’re just a different kind of friend!)
    – follow the directions from the videos made by the 5/6 graders in HB Edelman!!!! 😀

    Have an awesome Fourth of July and summer vacation everyone!!!! 😀

    😉 ~ Anna

  2. Because of the construction at IACS this year, the Hawkmoths (Garden Club kids) didn’t have the freedom to work in the butterfly garden on campus that they’d previously worked so hard on.

    So, a handful of Hawkmoths and I embarked on a side project that the kids were VERY passionate about; planting trees on campus!

    When the track was made and all the trees cut down for that spot, many of our students were devastated by the habitat loss and asked Mr. Landberg if we could replace some of what had been cut down with new seedlings. He thought that wasa great idea and with Ms. Kapeckas and Bob gave us the go ahead.

    So we’ve planted about 50 trees so far, received a grant from the New England Grassroots Fund to help us along, and will be able to get more trees in this summer and fall. Hopefully some more sugar maples included! 😉

    As you walk around campus this year, look for tree seedlings with wire cages around them and Lorax-colored tape telling you what kind of tree or shrub it is. Every one is either a butterfly or moth host plant or gives delicious fruit or nuts to birds and wildlife and is a New England native. 🙂

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