The Issues of 2020

This week, we woke up on Wednesday to a lot of new beginnings. In addition to the election of many politicians, it was the start of quarter two at Innovation Academy.  At our school, this means that I’m now teaching two new classes, Homebase Gandhi and Homebase Edelman.*

These students were excited to jump into Social Studies! Even though they were too young to vote in this election, they have lots of opinions about what needs to happen in the world. They will vote for the first time in 2020. I asked them what issues they hope to vote for, and this is what they had to say (click each photo to see it larger)**:


* Why are some students just starting Social Studies? At Innovation Academy, Social Studies and Science are called Project Classes.  Students have Project Class every day for two hours in mixed age groups. They alternate quarters between intensive project-based studies that cover either Social Studies or Science MA state frameworks. Our units loop on a two year cycle, and half the year we cover 5th grade material and half the year we cover 6th grade material. In the end, students get the same time on each subject as they would in any public school. However, their classes are two hour, project-based, mixed age blocks.

** Is it ok to show student photos online? This is only a small selection of the students because some of them haven’t brought back their permission slips.  I always ask parents for permission before showing pictures or videos on this blog, and I also asked the students to let me know if they didn’t want their work featured for this entry. If any student or parent doesn’t like their photograph, I will gladly remove it.

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  1. This is all so cool!!!!
    I agree with the people who would vote to stop global warming, clean rivers, and to make more homes for humans and animals. Basically, anything to help the environment!!

    Best Wishes!!
    😉 ~ Anna

  2. What a great way to channel kids’ election-based energy into real thinking! The morning after an election can be tricky in the classroom: one doesn’t want to stifle them, but slogans and jeering can easily come to the surface. This activity puts the focus on issues and lays the groundwork for an active citizenry. Way to go, Sara!

  3. What a great way to start the quarter and get your students thinking ahead about what issues matter to them. I love that you put a concrete date to consider when they will be voters!

  4. I can’t wait to vote in 2020 election year! 2020 is a very special year because 20 and 20 and everyone will be 18,19, or even 20! ( I will be like 20) I mean really thought, we should all wake up and smell the coffe because Global Warming needs to stop this instant! When I mean now I mean NOW! It’s bad for the environment.

    Hailey HomeBase:Bell 6th grade

  5. Many of the kids at school had terrific ideas to what they want to vote for in 2020. These ideas on your blog are very cool and interesting. Good job guys!

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