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If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably know my student Anna.  Her comments after each entry truly demonstrate what this blog is meant to be: a conversation.  If done well, each entry should begin a dialogue that inspires learning about living well in a world of diverse cultures.  I am proud that many students, in addition to Anna, have gotten involved.  They’ve been commenting on entries, doing research beyond this site, and talking to each other.  Some students even started a global action club at our school, which I am helping to get off the ground.  This blog isn’t meant to be about me, but about them.  As I continue writing from China this summer, I hope to experiment with even more creative strategies to get young people involved in this exploration of global citizenship.

I interviewed Anna and two other students, Sarah and Juliano, about what they’ve learned through this site. It’s always best to hear directly from the experts, so please view their video blog debut here:

Readers: What have you learned from this blog?  What ideas do you have to continue building this site and get more voices involved?

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  1. hey Ms. Krakauer!
    thanks for putting me on the blog! it was fun watching the video, and hearing what Sarah and Juliano had to say about the blog, and Ukraine and Turkey!
    i thought it was creative how you put in pictures of what the students were talking about, it made it seem more News-like than just a video!
    best wishes! 😉 anna

    p.s. my parents thought it was really cool in the video where you made it seem like a News Broadcast!

  2. ohhhh this is soo cool my mom loved the video thamks for having me do it. sarah and anna did great.

  3. I love how professional these videos look! I can’t wait to “go” to china!

  4. I don’t know if I sould follow but I really want to but I might get in trouble if I do can we make it to 828 follwers?!?! 🙂

    • Hi Hailey! Please ask your parents about following the blog with email. My guess is that they would be supportive and they could help you get it set up. Once you are “following” it just means that you would get an email whenever there is a new post. Thanks for reading along so far!

  5. thanks for saying that i did awesome, juliano!!! my mom loved it too, and so did my dad. i liked how there was images while we were speaking to make it more realistic. Anna was the STAR!!! yay anna, ur FAMOUS! thanks for putting us on the blog, and u shud do more student reponses, those are cool too! I’d be willing to do another video for you.

  6. I want to be in one of your videos! It looks sooooo fun but I guess it wouldn’t look that good with me though, they looke g-r-e-a-t !!!! I was amazed how well they did! Amazing! So I waz woundering if I could just asking. Probably not… sorry to bother you about it…SORRY! 🙂 😦

    • It’s about every other Monday 3-4 pm. Have your parents email me and there is a little application which you can do on paper or google docs. It’s in a blog entry called “Global Leaders Club.” We’d love to have you join!

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