Goodbye Cappadocia

I’ve been in Istanbul for two full days now, but the rocks of Cappadocia stay with me.  Marina and Jaques, the couple that I met from Belgium, told me that they’ve been back more times than they can count. This is no ordinary place, but also these are no ordinary people.  Marina and Jaques showed me the area as only a “local” could.  When we encountered a steep rock, and there was a newly installed ladder, they complained that the new tool ruined the fun of climbing. Despite the fact that Jacques was old enough to retire from his job, he deftly climbed the toughest rocks and lent me a hand over the biggest ones. When I scraped my elbow, Marina said, “Yes, we always return from our trips with scraped elbows. And we say that we had a great trip.”

I keep thinking about this — that sometimes you need to get a little scraped up in order to have the best experiences. I never would have met Marina and Jacques if I hadn’t ventured off into the wilderness on my own, even though it was a little scary and lonely.  Not only did I end up with wonderful hiking partners, but they then showed me back to town to meet their local guide, Hassan, and his family. I made them some balloon animals and hats, and they insisted that I have tea at their home. I’ve barely noticed the elbow scrape.

Here’s to Cappadocia — this little film is just a draft, because I could spend hours sorting through my footage — but I hope it gives you a sense of what a special place this is.

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  1. Well I have to say I’ve missed a lot by not getting on your blog sooner. I woke very early this morning and thought now is my chance to spend some time traveling with you! I do feel as though I’ve been to Istanbul and Turkey this morning with all the information and photos you’ve shared. I’ve learned a lot about two regions I’ve never been to in my travel experirnces. Although it is time to get ready for work… I will be back for more adventure. Safe travels, look forward to your return.

  2. Hey Ms. Krakaur! That sounds really exciting.Did you find any caves and/or explore them? Please reply to me

  3. oh, wow!!!!!
    didn’t you talk about the Belgium couple before? i think they’re really cool!!! it’s pretty cool how they traveled here more times than they could keep count. you must’ve had quite an adventure!
    i watched the video. i love the music, and the footage you put in! the parts with the mountains are just beautiful. Turkey must be a really exciting place. i also love the part where there were people eatin by a river!!! i would definitely want to experience that! did you do that Ms. Krakauer?
    i never thought Turkey was so beautiful and amazing, i’d definitely want to go there someday.
    have fun on your adventure!

    p.s. nice balloon creations! 😉

  4. Hello Sara,
    Since yesterday evening we are back in Belgium. It’s cold and raining here, in other words: nothing new.
    This morning we watched your video and we enjoyed it very much, it’s really great.
    The last 2 days we had rain in the afternoon in Göreme so we couldn’t walk so much anymore.
    We are wondering how you enjoyed your trip to Istanbul? Did you liked it?
    We will follow your blog for sure.

    Many greetings from Jacques and Marina and hope to see you again one day.

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