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Ukraine… and Turkey!

I found out in December that Teachers for Global Classrooms is sending me to Ukraine in April.  I am also able to take an extra week and visit Istanbul, Turkey. I am thrilled!  This week, my ticket got booked. It’s official!  I will be visiting schools, learning about new cultures, and reporting back for friends, family, and students to learn through my experiences.

Here’s where I’ll be going in April and May.  First, I’ll be in Ukraine for two weeks, and then I’ll spend a week in Turkey.

Want to learn about other places I’ve traveled?  Click here!

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine… and Turkey!

  1. Abigail Kelsey on said:

    Wow, Mrs. Krakauer! This website is awesome!

  2. Hailey B M (6th almost 7th grade) on said:

    So Ukraine and Turkey aren’t that far away. 🙂

  3. Owen L on said:

    I love the blog and learned a lot

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