Strategy #1: Twist to Find Global Content

Even if your objectives do not relate to anything global, it’s possible for teachers to “twist” their standards to find new angles. Look for possible global connections that might not be obvious at first.

  • Standard: Explain how American citizens were expected to participate in, monitor, and bring about changes in their government over time, and give examples of how they continue to do so today. (SS 5.27 – H, C)
  • How to Globalize: Even though this is an American history objective, it’s still possible to find global connections.  The United States today does not exist in a bubble, and it’s important for students to understand how U.S. policies (both domestic and international) affect the world community. Likewise, the policies, practices, and cultures of other countries affect our lives here. By asking students to analyze how American citizens work towards change in their country, students will begin to assess how change happens on a bigger scale as well.
  • Sample ProjectDemocracy in Action ~ Students were asked to choose a change that they’d like to see in America. They wrote about what’s needed and how an ordinary citizen could fight for the government to take action. They posted their writing on edmodo (an online bulletin board) and commented on each others’ posts to provide feedback.  For extra credit, students had the option to actually take action, from writing letters to representatives to starting grassroots web campaigns.
  • Learn MoreLesson PlanRubricDemocracy OrganizerBlog entry about this project and the latest revisions

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