American History Summer Fun

READ — Look below to find ideas for places to go, books to read, or games to play! For task #1, you only need to choose one of these options. Note that all of these links take you off this site, so practice good internet safety strategies and be careful out there!

Option A) Personal Field Trip ~ Visit a site in Massachusetts or another state that is important in American history. Here are some favorites, but there are many others too. Choose one that will teach you about the time period of the American Revolution and the early years of our government. Ask an adult to help you choose:

Option B) Novel ~ Read a historical fiction novel about the American Revolution. Here are some suggested books (or you may find your own as long as it’s at grade level and related to the American Revolution time period):

Option C) Online Game ~ Play a game online to learn about topics of study in American government. Note: The website iCivics will invite you to register, but you can just click “no thanks.”

  • Do I have a Right? ~ This will teach you about all the ways the Bill of Rights helps us.
  • Branches of Power ~ This is about each part of the government and what they do.
  • Supreme Decision ~ This will teach you about the highest court in our country and how they make decisions.
  • Argument Wars ~ You’ll get to try out solving a sample Supreme Court case.
  • Counties Work ~ Imagine you have your own county and help make it run successfully.
  • PBS KIDS-Be a President  ~ This game will teach you about the responsibilities of the US president (This is a pretty easy one).
  • Sheppard Software Government Games ~ Read about the branches of government and see if you can match the different descriptions with the right category.

WRITE — When you are finished, click here to fill out an online form and let us know what you did!

* * * * * * *

When you are finished, go back to the Summer Social Studies page to complete Task #2: Ms. Krakauer’s World Geography Challenge.

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  1. I read The Journal of Willliam Thomas Emerson. It is mostly about a 12-year old boy named William who doesn’t have a family. The book was also telling about what was going on in Boston when William moved in. In the 1700s, the british soldiers were a big issue. They try finding a little reason to kill somebody. Once William’s best friend was just watching some big kids throw snowballs at the british soldiers. But the soldiers caught him watching and chased him. They stabbed him with their gun’s bayonet. He got badly injured and died. In revenge, William killed the soldier.

    The good thing about this book is that it really tells that we live in world which is way better than the way it used to be. It also told about the lifestyle back then. In the book they never mentioned William going to school. Instead he did jobs when he was a child.

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