Summer Social Studies

Welcome to your Social Studies summer adventure!

Explorers.pngThere’s no required work for Social Studies, but we’d encourage all students to have a blast learning over the summer. There are many fun options listed below that will start you off with a little “extra credit” and a whole lot of good stories to tell. After you complete a task, fill out this survey to let your teachers know what you did. 

* * * * * * * *

Option A: Take a Personal Field Trip ~ Visit a site in Massachusetts or another state that is important in American history. Click here for some ideas. 

Wannalancet RockOption B: Read a Novel ~  Read a historical fiction novel about the American Revolution. Click here for some ideas. Click here for some ideas.

Option C: Follow a News Story ~  Read a news story about the upcoming election or something interesting happening around the world. Click here to learn about some student friendly news sites.

Option D: Comment on blog entries at  ~ Ms. Krakauer has a blog about her global experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, and other teachers and students contribute. You can follow along!  Comment on one of the new blog entries, or read old entries from JapanUkraine, China, Turkey, and more. If you are under 18, when you comment, avoid using your last name and any other identifying information. When asked for your name, just write your first name and last initial.

Letters from Japan.pngOption E: Write your own blog entry ~ You can write your own blog entry too. If you are traveling out of the country, share about your journey. If you are staying local, you could blog about eating a new kind of food, meeting someone from another country, seeing an international performance, or any other global experience. There are lots of ways to learn globally without going too far from home. Click here for more information about how to write a guest blog entry.

Option F: Play an Online Game ~ Play a game online to learn about topics of study in American history and government. Click here for links.

Option G: Invent your own Summer Adventure You can also create your own summer project. It should relate to what we will be studying next year in Social Studies:

  • Roots of Our Country’s Democracy — We’ll be studying the American Revolution, and the early years of our country’s new government. 
  • The Global Citizen Project. — Join us on a virtual trip around the world, as we learn about what’s going on in different countries. We’ll study culture as we “visit” countries in North and South America, as well as in Africa.

We can’t wait to read about what you did. Happy summer learning to you all!



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  1. A couple days ago I heard my sister tell my mom that on the last week of school that she and a couple friends want to go to Japan

  2. I read about a bunch of cool stuff on buildings and city’s in Ireland and watched that video with the kids and the big air filled sphere. it kind of reminded me of cartoons

  3. I really liked the one in Iceland with the hot springs and geothermic pools. I thought that was really cool. I can make a connection I’ve ben In a hot tub and I bet I would like the hot pools.

    • Hi Ashley — We’ll study the American Revolution, US government, and also world geography and culture (especially focused on Africa). It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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