Summer 2015

Welcome to your Social Studies summer adventure!

Pegasi Protest SignsFor your Social Studies Summer Packet work, you’ll be answering questions on a survey about your experience in previous studies and next year’s Social Studies class.

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Extra Credit Option

salkFor extra credit, write your own blog entry about a global experience that you had this summer. If you are traveling out of the country, share about your journey! If you are staying local, you could blog about eating a new kind of food, meeting someone from another country, seeing an international performance, or any other global experience. Click here for more details on how to write your own blog entry.

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Looking Ahead

Curious about what Social Studies is all about? This coming year, you will participate in two projects:

  • RPS CheerProject #1: Discovering Early America — A study of our country’s earliest inhabitants, such as Native Americans, explorers, colonists, and even enslaved people.
  • Project #2: Holy C.O.W. (Cultures of the World) — Join us on a virtual trip around the world, as we learn about what’s going on in different countries and how we can help. We’ll “visit” Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Still Want More?

There’s so much on this blog to explore — Ms. Krakauer has all sorts of old blog entries to explore, from JapanUkraine, China, Turkey, and more! Also, click here to keep learning — check out a bunch of cool links, people, and media to explore online — just for fun!

Curious to see last year’s summer packet work? This is the page for the summer of 2014.