Cool Media

Want to see lots of videos from Ukraine, Turkey, China, and more? Visit InnovationOnEarth’s Youtube Page.

Visit our class page on Edmodo!

Check out this short trailer that Ms. Krakauer made before her trip to Ukraine and Turkey. Footage in the video comes from previous travels in El Salvador, Peru, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mali.  Make sure to come back to read the blog.

Before you go, here’s a few other interesting videos from other interesting websites:

Miniature Earth: What would the world look like if it were only 100 people?

Did You Know? Shift Happens.

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  1. Sara, your website, blog and video are truly amazing! I love them! I hope to follow along on your adventures.


    • Thanks, Maggie! I will try to post more videos. There are a few others on this site already. Check out the post titled “Ideas Worth Spreading.” I’m going to try to make some videos in Ukraine and Turkey and post those too. Glad you liked these ones.

  2. I also liked the mini earth trailer, it’s interesting. i remember we saw it last year when we were in Q4.

  3. Have fun in Ukraine! This must be so exciting for you! Can you post about some of the people you meet?

    • wow the did you know video was AWSOME! i loved it. it really taught me things that i didnt know and they were very interesting

  4. holy moly!!!! i just watched the Did You Know Video with BOTH my parents, and i was really surprised by all the facts of the world. My dad clapped at the end of the video, and my mom thinks it’s REALLY good, and SUPER informational. we all watched the Minature Earth Video, too. My mom repeats the words: “Appreciate what you have.” – Minature Earth after we watched both videos. right now, i feel really thankful for what i have.
    i thought the video of your traveling video (1st one) was really cool, too! it was really creative of you when you finished off the end part with something that you usually see at the end of movie commercials! it was really cool!
    and 1 more thing…
    i don’t mean to be repetative or anything, but you should add/create more videos like the ones above, you can learn a lot about the world just by watching a few videos!
    who knew?
    just like the saying: “You learn something new everyday.”
    Have fun on your trip! ;D

  5. For “Miniature Earth” I am richer than 75% of all of them… (I have a closet, a bed, a roof, a house, and a refirdgerator.
    Also, I think that those video’s are cool!

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