Cool Media

Want to see lots of videos from Ukraine, Turkey, China, and more? Visit InnovationOnEarth’s Youtube Page.

Visit our class page on Edmodo!

Check out this short trailer that Ms. Krakauer made before her trip to Ukraine and Turkey. Footage in the video comes from previous travels in El Salvador, Peru, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mali.  Make sure to come back to read the blog.

Before you go, here’s a few other interesting videos from other interesting websites:

Miniature Earth: What would the world look like if it were only 100 people?

Did You Know? Shift Happens.

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  1. Hi Polina! I’m Hailey. I am a singer aswell but I get nervous infront of my parents. Everyone says that I am pretty and I am a great singer but I didn’t agree when I watched the playback of the video. I sounded like crap. I like many kinds of music but my favorite type of all is wraps because I just love singing and dancing. Hope all goes well on your next preformances…
    – Hailey <3, ;D…

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