Guide to Global Education

What skills do young people need to be successful in the 21st Century?  This section is for educators who want to globalize their classrooms. I designed this guide for teachers at Innovation Academy Charter School, but many of these resources will be useful to other educators. Do you want to globalize your classroom? Anyone can do it. Start by watching this short video:

Step 1: Learn

Define global education and learn about why it’s so important to shift your teaching.

Step 2: Teach

Your curriculum probably already teaches some global competencies, but here are some tips and models to show you how to go further with both your global content and global skill building.

Step 3: Get Connected

Use technology to connect with classrooms around the world and learn about pressing issues of the times.

Step 4: Get Abroad

If possible, find ways to travel and bring your own experiences into the classroom. There are also creative ways to get students out of the classroom, both locally and internationally.

Step 5: Get Support

You are not in this alone!  You can access an amazing international community of educators who are working on the same things as you.

Ready to BEGIN? Start with STEP 1: Learn.

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  1. Sara-sensei, Hello! This is Omi from US-Japan teachers program. One week has past after the program. I remember many things. It is so nice that I can see many photos on your websited. Thank you. When you come to Japan, I think I can pass my studets lettters to you.

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