Cool People

These heroes have had amazing experiences around the world, and lived to tell the story.   Please note that these links take you outside of the Innovation on Earth page, so use safe internet strategies when viewing this and other new internet content:

  • Other TGC Fellows: Along with Ms. Krakauer, 67 teachers from across the United States were chosen to participate in the Teachers for Global Classrooms program.  Click this link to get to a listing of all of their many blogs.  Follow along throughout the spring and summer of 2012 as they travel to Ghana, Morocco, Ukraine, Brazil, India, and Indonesia.
  • Family on Bikes: Can you imagine if your mom and dad took you out of regular school and organized a family bike tour from Alaska to Argentina?  These people did it!
  • The Do Write Campaign: Inspiring 15 year old Madeleine Lippey started a global literary magazine, and it has taken off. She’s received art, writing, and photography submissions from all over the world! Note that some students have written about mature topics that might not be suitable for all 5th and 6th graders.
  • Cycling Silk: Kate and Mel traveled Marco Polo’s Silk Route, from Turkey to China… by bicycle! (Kate is a friend of Ms. Krakauer’s from Somerville)
  • Forward Expeditions: John and Tyler skied to the North Pole without any external support or food drops. Wow! (John is a friend of Ms. Krakauer’s from college)
  • Digital Explorer: This UK-based organization takes young people abroad, and then live-blogs into classrooms about their expeditions (Ms. Krakauer met Jamie, who runs this organization, while volunteering at a school in India)
  • Lillie Marshall, Around the World L: Lillie is a Boston Public School Teacher who took a year off to travel around the world. Check out her travel blog with exotic destinations, from Laos to Ghana!
  • Do you know other interesting travelers?  Let Ms. Krakauer know who should be added to this list!

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