Are we citizens of Earth?

We already know how to be good citizens of our local community: we vote in our town elections, cheer for local sports teams, and wave our nation’s flag. But, now what? How do we care for the land, plants, animals, and humans that are beyond our borders?  What do these borders separate us from, anyway?

Sara Krakauer, a long time teacher at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, MA, has been using this site since 2012 to give others a new view of their place on this planet.  Through resources for teachers, students, and members of our larger community, this site hopes to inspire others to reach out beyond borders. How we can all become better global citizens? Come in and explore!

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  1. Sara,
    Love the blog! I’m so excited for your journey next month. Best to you this month of prep, anticipation, planning, and reflection. I look forward to hearing about your experience through the blog and in October!
    Meg Riley

  2. I just got back from Europe!!! (applause) When I was there, I went to 5 different countries, Ireland, (one week) France, (two days), Spain, (three days) Poland, (three days). Ireland was fun because family I didn’t even now existed were there. France was fun because I got to see the Eiffel tower all lit up. Spain was fun because the hotel I was staying in was directly next to the beach! And Poland was fun because I found out that babcis (polish for grandmother) love to spoil their grandchildren. All in all, the trip was absolutely amazing!!!

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