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The U.S. election is upon us!  If you are over 18 years old, make sure to get out and vote.  In some places around the world, people don’t have this opportunity. In Saudi Arabia, women won’t be allowed to vote until 2015. If you live in the United States, it is your civic duty to make your voice heard.

Even though kids don’t get to vote in the official election, students at Innovation Academy got to cast their ballots today. In the middle school, here are the results of the popular vote:

Innovation Academy Middle School Results for U.S. President:

  • Barack Obama (Democratic) – 58%
  • Mitt Romney (Republican) – 38%
  • Jill Stein (Green-Rainbow) – 3%
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian) – 1%

Innovation Academy Middle School Results for Massachusetts Senator:

  • Scott Brown (Republican) – 59%
  • Elizabeth Warren (Democratic) 41%

Of course, these results are likely to reflect the opinions of people who live in our state, Massachusetts. What about people around the country? Students in my Social Studies classes also voted on Edmodo, which is a social learning network for students and teachers.  In classrooms in all different states, 60% of students voted for Barack Obama compared to 40% voting for Mitt Romney. Edmodo Votes also gives additional information, such as how students voted in key “battleground states.” Check it out:

Will these results reflect the decisions made by the adults? Students — make sure to get your parents and other family members to go to the polls. Most polling locations will let adults bring their children in with them.  You can help make history too!

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