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Climbing a Mountain

Today is Labor Day, and it occurred to me recently that I’ve worked four different jobs this year. In addition to teaching full time at Innovation Academy, I directed a service-learning summer program in China, mentored a new teacher, and entertained children with my balloon twisting skills. I also continued my education this year by taking courses with Cambridge College and George Mason University. The amazing part is that none of these felt like “work” because I was having so much fun. I feel very lucky that I make a living by pursuing my passions.

I don’t mean to imply that it’s been an easy year. There have been a lot of challenges to overcome. However, it’s been a year full of learning.  Here are a few lessons that I’m trying to remember as the school year is about to take off.  The photos are from my weekend trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

1) You don’t need to be big to create beautiful things.

2) It’s important to take time to notice the small stuff…

3) And look closely whenever possible.

4) Some paths are clearly marked and some need to be trail-blazed, but there’s no right way.

5) Even if the journey is hard, it all feels worth it when you get to your destination.

6) Even after you get to your destination, there’s always more to do (coming down can be even harder)!

7) It’s important to take some time to rest. You can’t always do everything. (I missed out on a second day of hiking because I wasn’t feeling well, but at least I got to read a good book with this beautiful view)

As you can see, you don’t need to travel on an airplane to have adventures, and you don’t need to go far to learn about the world. What mountains have you climbed this year? In your work over the past year, what lessons have you learned?

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